Saturday, August 14, 2010

My bucket-list for kisses

I believe every girl has a list of fantasy kisses. Mostly this list is populated with  kissing scenes from romantic chick flieks, but most boys hate watching them, so how are they ever supposed to know our top fantasy smooches? Well, just in case I ever get my own exclusive smoocher, here is my list of fantasy pecks in no specific order.

First up, the "Umbrella kiss". Bonus points if it rains.

The Sailor Kiss. This one doesn't have to be with a sailor, but I want to be dipped down like a hollywood actress for this smooch. I love this picture, it's absolutely timeless. It was taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt in Times Square on Aug 14, 1945 during the celebration of V-J day, a celebration to mark the end of World War II. He didn't record the names of the two people in the picture, which I think just makes the picture all the more special. Just a caption of a perfect moment in time.

The "Upside down Kiss". Yep, you don't have to kiss Spidy to make this one happen.

The "Underwater Kiss"

The "Train Departure Kiss"

I better get working on a boyfriend if I'm to get through all these kisses!

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  1. Do you know who owns the copyright to that underwater kiss? I've seen it in lots of places and I'm trying to figure it out.



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